Sew a Loop / Infinity Scarf in 20 Minutes

Sew up the hole in the infinity scarf

This season’s trends are all about plush velvet, rich textures, and extra-cozy fabrics. If you hate being cold as much as I do, you’re probably obnoxiously excited about being warm and stylish too. Don’t worry. I won’t judge. But seriously, when you feel absolutely chilled to the bone, I can’t think of a better way to warm up than by bundling up in luxurious-feeling fabrics and accessories!

That’s why for today’s tutorial, we’ll be learning how to sew a loop scarf in under 20 minutes. Really. Since this project is so quick and easy to complete, it also makes for an easy handmade gift. Make one for you…and then one for a friend.

Before we get started learning how to sew a scarf, be sure to block out about 20 minutes of time and get your supplies together. This project goes quickly and is easy to make even if you are a beginning sewer. I’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a shoppable list for you to get everything you need without adding extra errands to your day.

Loop Scarf Supplies:

Supplies to make a velvet infinity scarf

1/2 Yard Velvet Fabric
Dressmaker Shears
Sewing Pins
Basic Sewing Machine

(Note: I’ll be using this serger for this tutorial but you can use a standard sewing machine with a zig-zag stitch as well.

How To Sew A Loop Scarf:

Now we get to actually put your project together and learn how to sew a scarf! Start by taking your fabric (1/2 yard) and folding it in half hot dog style with the plush (pretty) sides together. Pin your fabric into place along the long edge.

Cutting out the pattern for the inifinity scarf

Now, sew the entire length of the velvet to create a long tube. I used a serger, but you can also use a standard straight stitch on a basic sewing machine.

Flip it inside out and fold it in half again. You should be left with something that looks like this:

Flip scarf pieces over to sew the seams of the infinity scarf

Believe it or not, you are almost done. Now we just need to attach the two ends together to create a full circle, thus making it an “infinity” scarf. To do this, pin the two ends together making sure to have the pretty side of the fabric facing the other pretty side.

Attaching the pieces together with pins for the infinity scarf

Head back over to your sewing machine and begin. When you get close to making a full circle, stop and detach from the machine. You will finish the tiny hole on one side by hand.

Sewing your infinity scarf together and leave a hole

Your scarf should look nearly complete but have one small hole in the base like pictured. Use a hand-sewing needle to close up the hole and you are done.

Easy enough right?

Sew up the hole in the infinity scarf

I love the versatile look of this scarf. It’s casual enough to wear with a basic t-shirt yet can also be dressed up a bit since it’s made of more elegant-looking fabric. It is soooo good at keeping your neck warm on frosty nights yet still feels surprisingly lightweight. You can wear this scarf either by looping it around your neck once for a longer, draped look or twice for a thicker, warmer scarf.

I hope you guys found this tutorial on how to sew a scarf useful and easy to follow.

Thank you to The Creative Fashion Blog for this tutorial