Using Texture in your Living Room

Adding texture to a room

Have you ever looked at your living room and felt that something is missing? That perhaps it just looks to flat, too monotone?  We want to let you in on a little decorating secret:

One of the basic principles of decorating is “mix more than match”.


For an amateur, you may tend consider colour only.  You might think that adding a different colour to your scheme is what is missing.  So what will make all the difference? Texture!


Why Texture

Texture is the thing that makes a room pop!


It’s what brings a perfectly fine design up to enviable levels. It’s the “perceived” sense of touch. Soft furnishings and accessories create atmosphere, carpets, cushions and curtains add warmth. A mix of old and new gives character to a space. The same goes for textures; bringing in a few different textures creates interest. Rooms are more interesting when the eye can focus on contrasts.

A variety of textures and materials enrich a room!

To put it simply, adding texture means creating visual interest, the key being diversity among objects and finishings in your space.

When we talk about adding texture, we are referring to the layering of various textiles, materials, colours and metals in a space, not just something you can touch and feel.

Even if your colour palette is comprised of similar shades, you can interrupt the consistency by changing up the textures of any fabric in your room. Even if your décor has multiple shades, using contrasting fabrics proves that colour and pattern aren’t the only routes to achieving difference.

You can also evolve these textural contrasts as the seasons change. For example, a linen sofa might go from having cotton and satin cushions in summer to faux fur and velvet in winter.

And that is where we find ourselves at this moment: in the midst of changing seasons.


adding texture to a room


How to Use Textures

As we enter the colder winter months, let’s look at a few ways we can change our living rooms.

We will go from cool and fresh for summer, to cozy and warm for winter:


1. Do you have a lounge suite that is in need of an update?  This is the perfect opportunity to make use of the special we are running on our Caterpillar Upholstery Range!  It is available in a variety of colours, whether you want to go bold in colour or more toned down and neutral. This fabric is similar to those chenille blankets available everywhere. Warm and soft to the touch, it might just be the perfect choice for those imitation leather couches that are cracking and tearing.

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2.  This is also the perfect time to add elements of faux fur to your living room décor. Imagine you have an expensive, genuine leather sofa in your living room. It’s not something you will necessarily reupholster if it is still in a good condition. But it’s definitely not cozy and warm to relax on in the cold, winter months. Adding faux fur cushions will add warmth to that sofa, can you visualize how texture also comes into play here? The smooth leather in contrast with the fluffy faux fur…stunning!

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using faux fur for adding texture


3.  If you have a north-facing living room that basks in the sun during the day, consider having voile curtains made that allows the sun to warm the space during the day, yet still providing privacy.

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5.  Finally, swap in chunky blankets. Put thin summer throws in the closet and add a couple of thick, chunky blankets to your space, either faux fur, or perhaps even a handmade crochet of knitted blanket.  How inviting!


using throws to add texture to a room


Forgetting to add texture can lead to a space feeling flat and soulless. 

Texture really is the secret to making a space look and feel finished and lived in!


Exclusively written by Deleah from our Interior Decor Showroom!