10 ways to accessorize using super chunky wool


Most ladies (and maybe even some gents) are picking up their pace in crocheting and knitting as we’ve entered the cold winter months, busying themselves with projects for their loved ones or even to sell their handmade beauties for others to enjoy and maybe even show off a bit.

With Kartopu 100% pure Wool Decor, whatever you decide to make will be soft and warm to the touch,

Have you ever considered knitting or crocheting something to incorporate into your home décor?

Let’s look at a few things you can add to your winter projects that will add warmth, colour and texture to your life:

Everyone can enjoy a lovely, soft throw for your sofa when they come visit, inviting your family and guests to keep warm on those cold evening. And they will be able to admire it as this super chunky wool will show off the stitches in a unique way.

Make a throw out of wool decor


Make your own extra plush pillows using chunky wool, or make a winter cover for an existing pillow. Not only can you wrap yourself in a warm blanket on your sofa to watch TV, but your head can also rest on a wispy, soft pillow.

Make a plush pillow for your chair out of wool decor

Arm knitting is definitely something everyone who loves creating with wool should try at least once in their lives, and chunky wool is ideal for this! And it’s so easy and simple, your children will be able to get into it from an early age!

Pull the whole room together with one more big accessory – an ottoman or small floor pouf! With super chunky wool, this doesn’t have to be a huge, time-consuming project!

An ottoman or small floor pouf is designed more with the purpose of resting your feet on it or setting your tray on. But what about something with a bigger purpose in mind, if you are short of seating and perhaps have a smaller living room?  A little different than the usual rounded bean bag to sit on, and definitely more comfortable, is a bean bag chair, providing a bit more back support than any other bean bag.  Such a fun seating option for your living room!

Ottoman using wool decor

Consider making a basket for storing your winter throws or to store some toys in the living room for your kids, or even a comfy bed for your cat! Knitting or crocheting them tightly will make them nice and sturdy, as they stand upright.

Using wool decor as a basket


For a light traffic area, or perhaps underneath a coffee table with legs, a small area rug using the arm knitting technique will be lovely addition to your décor, in either a muted colour, but a bright colour choice will show off your daring side!

using wool decor to make rugs


Something that is quite trendy right now, and quite easy to attempt, quite similar to finger knitting, is macramé! There are so many different things to make using macramé, and most of the time you need a specific yarn for it, but using the chunky wool to make a hanging wall decoration fits right into a relaxed décor scheme.


macrame with wool decor

If all these projects seem a little too daunting, start off small and make a small pot plant cover. Make it in a bright colour to stand out and catch the eye, or a more muted neutral colour for the focus to be more on the plant itself.


Decorative wall art using wool decor


Finally, to express your uniqueness, make some holiday decorations! Perhaps a not-so traditional wreath for the entrance to your home, or stockings to hang above the fireplace, or a Christmas tree skirt, there are so many possibilities!

make a christmas wreath using wool decorchristmas stocking with wool decor

Kartopu’s super chunky pure wool is super soft and warm to the touch.  Being a chunky yarn, whatever project you take on, will be completed much quicker than if you were using any thinner yarn.  It’s super easy to arm or finger knit with, a perfect wool to teach younger children this valuable art!  And it will show off your stitches and talent in a beautiful way for a long time because of it’s durability!


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