Transforming our Upholstery Workroom in a Facemask Production Room

global fabrics producing facemasks

As a community driven business, we put our heads together and thought of what we could do to help.

We knew what we had to do – We had to assist in sustaining our local economy, provide work & employment opportunities, whilst, at the same time helping to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Using our Resources

We realised, what better way to do this, than to use the skills from our UPHOLSTERING TEAM & TRANSFORM our workroom into a FACE MASK PRODUCTION room!

This meant that not only could we achieve staff retention but we could also create new opportunities for EMPLOYMENT

But – we didn’t want to stop there…  we also wanted to PROVIDE for our LOCAL COMMUNITY.  That’s when we decided to BUY & SELL the face masks created by those who had purchased our ESSENTIAL MATERIALS & FABRICS. This has enabled us to continue to support our amazing suppliers whilst being able to provide business opportunities & mentorship.
our range of face masks