Make an Apron for Children

Supplies Needed:

This pattern is best for little kids around 3-6 years old and may be too small for bigger kids. You can alter the apron pattern to make it larger: To make it wider cut it vertically down the center and add a few inches.

To make it longer: cut it horizontally, above the bottom curved edges, and add a few inches. I’m working on adding a bigger kid pattern early 2021. 

Step One: Use the free printable pattern and cut out the fabric.

Grab the free printable pattern at the end of this post and cut two apron pieces. The apron is reversible so choose two fun, coordinating fabrics.

Step Two: Quilt the two layers of fabric.

I quilted the two layers of fabric together with vertical lines spaced 1″ apart. The quilting will help keep the apron looking nice after being washed. I lightly drew stitching lines with pencil on the back side of the apron. I used a thread color that would blend in and started with the center line and worked my way out smoothing the fabric as I went. Press apron.

Step Three: Add the bias binding.

After the apron is quilted, the last step is adding the bias binding. I started with the lower half of the apron and the top edge. I sandwiched the two layers of the apron in-between the bias tape and pinned it in place. You can use your iron to help shape the bias tape into a curve when rounding the bottom corners of the apron. Stitch with matching thread.

The next piece of bias tape I attached was 85″ long. Pin the bias tape, as shown in the picture below, so 19″ is left for the neck hole. It helped to find the halfway point of my 85″ long piece and then start pinning the bias tape to the top of the apron 9.5″ from that halfway point.

The apron is finished! I love how they turned out and how cute the aprons look from either side! If the neck opening is too long for your child, you can tie it in a knot to make it smaller.

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