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How to Make a Felted Wool Ball Bunting

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Looking for a whimsical way to decorate for your next party, or to brighten up your nursery? Give this felted wool bunting a try!

Gently pull sections from the roving. Try to make the sections about the same size.

Now fluff up the sections of roving you just pulled off.

Now place the fluffed-up roving in a bowl of soapy hot water. The water should be quite hot and have enough soap in it that it is good and sudsy.

Then squeeze a majority of the water out of the roving. Try to keep the roving in a wadded-up shape rather than flattening it.

Begin to gently roll the roving between your hands. Pushing too hard will squish the shape, so be careful to use a light touch. After a few minutes, your ball should begin to take shape.

Sometimes your wool ball can have some creases in it. Never fear, you can smooth those over.

First re-wet the creased ball and squeeze some of the excess water out. The ball should be very damp but not dripping.

Now add a thin layer of wool over the creased area. Roll the ball between your hands to felt the newly added wool. You can repeat this set a few times if need be for areas with large creases.

Allow the felted wool balls to dry. In warm sunlight they can dry fully in as little as six hours, but in cooler conditions or with bigger-sized balls it can take up to 24 hours for them to dry.

Thread the needle with embroidery floss. Make sure you have plenty of floss.

Put the needle through the center of each ball to string them. The wool and floss should create enough friction so that the balls will stay where they are placed on the string. You don’t need to tie any knots to keep them in place.

Once you have strung all the balls you made, you will have the perfect bunting to use for special celebrations or to add a bit of cheer to your everyday decor!