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Who doesn’t enjoy unwinding after a long day in a nice warm bath tub? Add a bit of gentle exfoliation to your bath routine by using a bar of felted wool soap. Felted soaps aren’t only useful but they can also add a touch of color and decoration if you pick colors that complement your bathroom!

If you are using a bar of soap with corners or edges, it is helpful to trim those a bit. If they are not trimmed, sometimes they can peek through the roving during the felting process and leave your project with bare spots.


Decide what color you would like for your felted soap. Carefully spread the wool roving out and place the bar at one end of the roving.

Wrap the roving around the bar of soap. There should be a bit of overhang at each end.

Using a second, smaller piece of roving, wrap it around the the bar of soap going in the opposite direction.

Now add any embellishments to the bar by pulling small amounts of contrasting colors of roving and wrapping them in varying ways.

Flip over the bar and make sure to embellish the back of the project as well.

Once all the embellishments are in place, carefully wet the whole bar with hot water. I usually get my hands wet and dampen the bar first, and then gently dunk it into the bowl of hot water. If any of the embellishments move or shift, you can move them back into place now before beginning to felt the bar.

Start the felting process by gently rubbing the wool. As you rub, the wool will get sudsy from the underlying bar of soap. This will help the wool fibers interlock with each other. When the wool cools and gets a bit dry, add more hot water (step 7) and continue to massage the wool on all sides of the project.

Once the wool is firmly felted, allow the bar to dry for at least 12 hours. It is helpful to turn the project over during this time to allow the bottom to dry.