Design Your Sofa using Velocity Leather Look Fabric

leather look upholstery fabric

When we think of cool modern or urban living, minimalistic leather upholstered furniture comes to mind.  Well we have the solution – Faux leather!  Faux leather gives the look of leather without the price tag or the thought of where the leather came from.  Here are some cool ideas on how to style leather in your home no matter what style you prefer.











We love our Velocity Range

For the perfect leather look in a range of trendy colours suited for every taste at a fraction of the price of real leather.


Recovering your old sofa in a tan coloured faux leather fabric fabric will work with every decor style from mid-century modern to boho to glam. And not only do they fit in with any color story and texture, but they also anchor the room and are great for chilling out with your bae watching Friday night TV.













Art Extension: Everything from the relaxing beach photo to the mirrored pillow hues make this room insanely inviting and put-together. To get the look, showcase art above and pull some colors down to the seating to tie it all together.













Relaxed Modern: Your sofa is like an anchor to all of the other furniture in the room. This spaces features it right at home with preppy gingham accent chairs and the natural cocktail table/layered rug combo.













Keep It Warm: The buttery color looks good with warm and cool color stories, but there’s something to be said about the combo of leather with rich purples, pinks, and reds. Throw some darker jewel tones on a leather sofa and add a shag rug and pops of gold for max ’70s vibes.  We also love the look of faux fur draped over a leather chair or ottoman, it adds a bit of luxury & warmth to your room.  Our Ethnic fabric prints will are ideal to cover your old scatters with & will recreate a room such this one below.













Black and White Minimalist: The linear and leggy style of this sofa totally makes a statement in this minimalist room. Pair it with some graphic pillows and nature-inspired art to break up the clean lines with a bit of movement.













Glam It Up: Consider tufted leather your go-between for the glam and eccentric. This structured sofa provides just the right balance between the brass embellished accent chairs and ’60s wooden hands.













Femme Moderne: For a feminine look that’s not froufrou, pull out the warm caramel tones of the sofa with a clean white cocktail table, a touch of copper, and blush tones.













Shape Shifter:  Recovering your chaise style sofa in leather makes the perfect place to lose yourself in a good book or riveting movie. Pile on the oversized pillows and textured throws for added comfort.  We love using fleece or faux fur for the coziest throws.













Warm and Cool Tones Welcome: Think of styling a leather sofa the same as you’d style a pair of leather shoes. It’ll look amazing with cool & warm colors, and there’s always something about that classic navy-and-tan leather combination.













Add Some Structure: There’s nothing better than a comfortable couch that you can sink into. Just remember to pair a majorly relaxed seat with something structured. This glass table provides the right amount of balance, while the plant adds a bit of height.

Whatever colour or style you decide on, our professional team of Interior Decorators will make it come together.  We offer all Interior Decor Services with a wide range of fabrics to choose from.  We can recover your lampshades, ottomans & cushions to go with your upholstered sofas. Add custom-made roman blinds or curtains to match your style & measurements exactly the way you want.  With a professional team & a one-stop shop, it cannot be easier to create your dream look.