Using Natural Fibers in your Home

People are becoming more and more aware of our environment and the need for us to clamp down on harming it and step up our need to preserve it.  It is a factor that is also now being considered when decorating our homes, in the pursuit of being environmentally conscious.


Luckily, natural materials NEVER go out of fashion!  They are versatile and they give away timeless luxury unparalleled with any other design fad!  The variety of natural materials is wide, also in tonalities.  So we can play with tones!

The benefits of using natural fibres are numerous…

They last longer, it is naturally biodegradable, it is breathable and thermoregulating.  Wool, especially, is naturally flame resistant, which is a safer option for flooring and furnishings, and if you didn’t know this yet, it actually cleanses and purifies the air indoors!



Styling with natural fibres…

From the rustic style, going through the Nordic, the industrial, shabby chic, and even the minimalist, they all go very well with natural materials.  There are so many different ways of incorporating natural fibres, whether it be a woven lampshade, bamboo blinds as window treatments, a sisal area rug on the floor, a beautifully woven storage basket, or, more commonly, using cotton in your upholstery or curtaining.



Most natural fibres are very tough and durable…

Cotton absorbs dyes the best and is the most versatile, Hemp is mould resistant and a great heat conductor, Linen is soft and durable and a great thermal conductor, Sisal is stiff and doesn’t stretch, great for baskets, rugs and chairs, and finally, Jute is the strongest and most commercialized natural fibre second to cotton and very economical as it is easy to sow and cultivate.



There is really no downside to using natural materials in your home.  You will get the stylish appearance everyone is aiming to have in their house and you will make the space you and your family are living in a healthier and happier place and contribute to the ongoing battle for the longevity of this planet.


exclusively written by our Decor Team @global_unique_fabrics (Curtain & Upholstery Specialists)