Tropical Outdoor Fabrics

Why you need them?

Outdoor fabrics are fabulously useful – especially for the South African lifestyle and climate. They’re colourfast; sun, chlorine, abrasion and water resistant. They’re anti-bacterial, mildew-resistant and machine washable. What’s not to like about them, right?

Mention that you want to have patio scatters made or your indoor-outdoor furniture recovered and any decorator or fabric house of reputable fiber, will make you understand that it’s an oh-so-important non-negotiable to use outdoor fabrics.

That’s only if you want them to last, of course.

 Take a look at our new arrivals:


• UV stabilized polyester & acrylic.

• Both fibers are resistant to rotting, mildew, mild acids & alkali’s

• Suitable for outdoor applications

• Water repellent

• 150cm width

• 73% Polyester 27% Acrylic


FOR ONLY: R150 per meter (Floor stock only)

You may order additional colours via our supplier: only plains and stripes available.

We can also order from our fabric library such as:


U&G Fabrics

Bartlett & Dunster

These fabric houses produce the finest quality prices ranges FROM R350.00 Per meter, depending on which fabric house you choose.