Batting & Dacron

Dacron is a polyester batting fabric. You should add it to any foam surface over the foam. It’s used in upholstery and quilting.

The polyester wrapping comes in rolls. You can buy our dacron in Cape Town either at one of our fabric shops in Tokai or Fish Hoek or online.

Benefits of Using Dacron or Batting Fabric?

Dacron reduces the friction foam has with the fabric which reduces wear and tear.

Batting fills in any slackness in your upholstery so that it keeps its shape. Because of this, there will not be any lumps on the finished product.

Dacron fabric wrapping evens out imperfections in the inner fill material. This prevents the item from losing shape and it will bounce back to shape.

Dacron or batting fabric is mould and mildew resistant and repels parasites. This makes it an ideal fabric to use anywhere in the house.

How to Use Polyester Batting

Using polyester batting in cushions is perfect as it allows them to keep their shape. You can place them anywhere as the batting is mould resistant.

Perhaps this would be a great excuse to get those new scatter cushions you always wanted. We have just the blog to get you in the mood for upholstery!

How to Use Polyester Batting

You can use polyester batting in cushions as it allows them to keep their shape. They can also be placed anywhere as the batting is mould resistant.

Perhaps this would be a great excuse to get those new scatter cushions you always wanted. We have just the blog to get you in the mood for upholstery!

How about a bit of DIY? With this great tutorial on how to install polyester batting you can’t go wrong. If it looks daunting then bring your upholstery to us and we can do it all for you.

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BonBon Fabric

Bonbon fabric is both high fashion and versatile. It makes the perfect fabric for maternity and evening wear. It is smooth, synthetic and 100% polyester Spandex.

This fabric is both versatile and elegant which comes in over 20 different colours. Bonbon has taken over from traditional satin yet still has a timeless feel. You can find Bonbon in both our fabric shops in Cape Town and online.

Uses for Bonbon Fabric

Bonbon makes beautiful evening wear dresses or nightwear.  It is also perfect to use as maternity fabric.  Bonbon fabric easily stretches and it is lightweight making it comfortable to wear. It does not need ironing thus it is convenient and it keeps its shape.  This fabric is also ideal to use as an upholstery fabric.

Interior Decor using Bonbon

Because bonbon fabric is so versatile, you can use it as an upholstery fabric.  Recover lampshades, ottomans and even make scatter cushions.  We offer the following

interior decorating services:


Blogs and Trends

We regularly update our site with the latest blogs and trends.  You can check them out here  View our pins for free patterns and designs on Pinterest and on Facebook.

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Braids & Drawcords

Our stock includes a wide variety of braids and drawcords in our fabric and accessories shops in Cape Town. We also have trimmings such as ribbons, sequins and lace stretch edges.

 These are ideal to spruce up evening wear and bridal trimmings. Braids and trimmings also works well in upholstery and recovered lampshades.

As agents for Castellano braids and trimmings, we always have the latest accessories. These being braids and drawcords, ribbons, sequins and lace in stock.

Braids and Drawcords and Accessories

Global Unique Fabrics is a one-stop fabric shop in Cape Town.  We have a wide variety of accessories like ribbons, braids and drawcords, haberdashery, dress and upholstery fabrics.

Our Fabric and Accessories Shop in Cape Town

We also specialise in interior decor services. Our fabrics are affordable, up-to date and sourced from top suppliers. Our accessories like braids and drawcords, sequins, lace and ribbons are sourced from Dubai, China and India.

Additional Services Offered

Our accessories are used in upholstery too.

We offer the following services:

Custom-made Curtains


Made-to-measure Roman Blinds

Blinds and Shutters

Scatter cushions

Recovered lampshades

Blogs and Trends

We update our site with the latest blogs and trends.  You can check them out here  View our pins for free patterns and designs on Pinterest and on Facebook.

We have two fabric shops in Cape Town – Fish Hoek and Tokai.  Visit our shop or buy the latest fabric online.

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Clear Plastic

Clear plastic by the metre is ideal for indoor and outdoor tables. It works well as table cloths to protect the tables from the elements.

The clear plastic makes an ideal fabric for raincoats and it’s easy to clean. Clear plastic by the metre is ideal for indoor and outdoor tables. It works well as table cloths to protect the tables from the elements.
Our range of printed oilcloth is ideal for parties and other large gatherings. They work as a protective layer underneath your decorative tablecloths.
We stock a variety of printed oilcloths which are wipeable and sold by the meter. It comes in a .15 micron or .25 micron or in layman’s terms “thin and thick”.

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Curtain Rods & Accessories

We stock catalogues of curtain rods and accessories. This includes curtain rails for all weights and sizes.

If we don’t have what you looking for, you can view our catalogues and order. Our rail track boasts a free glide system and is suitable for light to heavy curtains.

We also keep chaise rails for those very heavy curtains. These will allow them to open and close with ease. We stock 16mm, 25mm and 32mm curtain rods in a variety of colours.

Our rods are top quality and we stock all the brackets and finials to suit any taste. We also have the stainless steel curtain rod range which works well in coastal areas. They will give you a modern yet simple look.

To support our curtain rails and rods, we keep all the accessories. This includes curtain runners, hooks, forks, end caps, rings, curtain wire and more.

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Denim is a popular choice for clothing and upholstery. It is woven with a traditional twill weave to create a hard-wearing yet soft fabric.

 Our stretch denim is leading the trends in the fashion industry. Denim is ideal for upholstery as it is a durable, strong and smart fabric.
When you think of denim, blue comes to mind. Although it is available in a wide array of colours & prints. We have 7-ounces to 14-ounce denim available in navy, indigo and stonewash blue. Designs stocked are plain, pinstripe and gingham check. Available colours are baby pink, baby blue, navy, red and stone. It is suitable for cool pants, shirts, nursery curtains, cot bumpers and even duvet covers.

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Embroidery Threads

DMC embroidery thread is a very popular brand for cross stitch & embroidery projects. Embroidery is a great and rewarding hobby.

 We stock the full range of DMC Embroidery Threads.

It has a kaleidoscopic range of colours. DMC thread produces quality results and vibrant shades every time. It has a kaleidoscopic range of colours which we stock the full range of.

If Embroidery is one of your Hobbies, we have an extended range of accessories. This includes all types of needles and a good selection of cross stitch project kits.

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Our range of haberdashery products is a sight to behold. You think it and we will have it.

We cater to serious designers, mass manufacturers, crafters, quilters & the knitters. . Our haberdashery range has it all. We stock Guterman, Seralon, Zwicky and our own house brand of threads. We also stock embroidery and 100% cotton quilting thread. Its a treasure cave of beads, sequins, scissors. Tailor’s chalk, felt squares, buttons, ribbons, pins, needles threads. Elastic, binding, zips, webbing and petersham tapes. Haberdashery is one of our biggest sellers. If you thought that you have tried everywhere. But you couldn’t find that bamboo crochet hook or leather thimble your granny had. Then you haven’t tried Global Unique fabric, wool and haberdashery.

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Blockout Curtain Lining

Blockout curtain lining allows you to control the lighting in your space. It will provide 100% Blockout when attached to your ready-made curtains.

 Our stock includes the following:

The ever-popular pre-shrunk bull denim, natural and colours.

Rolls of biggie best fabric at lower than market-related prices.

Linen, muslin, cotton voile and wide width percale curtaining in various designs.

Voiles: plain, loopy, crushed and frosted curtain voiles.

The blockout curtains are wide in width and available in white and cream. Perfect for stand-alone ready-made curtains or used for backdrops to filter out sunlight. They maintain privacy as they prevent people from looking in whilst you still have a view. Poly-silk Curtaining: We stock plain and printed poly-silk. This range of curtaining is popular because you can have the silk look without paying the price. Embossed Brocade Curtaining usually comes in cream but we also have white designs. It is polyester-based so it washes well and is free of creases.

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Polar Fleece Fabric

Polar fleece fabric is a soft, warm fabric which is 58/60″ wide, 100% polyester.

The fabric is woven for a thick body that provides excellent insulation and made for warmth. Polar fleece fabric is easy to sew and makes beautiful garments perfect for winter. It is ideal for jackets, tops, sweaters and blankets. This is also the perfect fabric for nightwear and onesies. We have a wide selection of bright uplifting colours and designs. You can use both sides of the fleece making it a very versatile fabric.

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Printed Viscose Fabric

Viscose fabric is a natural light fabric ideal for hot summer climates.

The prints are trendy and fashionable. We have a great selection of designs instore or online.
Viscose is soft and lightweight and is versatile. You can use viscose for blouses, dresses, jackets and upholstery. It has a beautiful drape to it and is very soft to touch. This fabric is a luxurious fabric without the price tag.
Because viscose is absorbent, it is great for athletic wear. it is also lightweight, soft and breathable and it maintains it’s shape.

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Plain and Printed Scuba Fabric

Scuba fabric consists of spandex and polyester. Scuba is double knit.

This means that it’s created with sets of needles which connect layers of fabric together.
Scuba material has a very smooth and springy fabric. It creates beautiful high-quality outfits. It’s strong, stylish and versatile.
This fabric can vary in its thickness, making it suit a wide variety of clothing projects. You do not need to add a lining as it is a strong and thick fabric.
This modern fabric holds dye and it’s shape very well making it low maintenance and a vibrant fabric. It looks amazing and suits all body types.

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Satin Ribbons and Petersham Tapes

We stock a  huge variety of satin ribbons and petersham tapes in different sizes and colours.

Satin ribbons are so versatile and are ideal to use for hair and wedding ribbons, flowers, presents and dressmaking.
Our satin ribbons are single-faced with a glossy surface on one side and a matte surface on the other. This is due to a specific kind of weave that causes one side of the fabric to reflect more light than the other.
You can also use satin ribbons in a variety of crafts. These include: flowers, butterflies, you can also tape them around cakes and presents.
Petersham, is a thick, stiff, flexible corded ribbon. Once steamed, it will take on and support a particular curve of fabric.

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Satin Fabric

Satin fabric has a smooth glossy surface and dull back. It is a luxurious fabric and has a dramatic fall.

We have a beautiful variety of satin fabric available to choose from.
Satin fabric is perfect for evening wear, lingerie, boxer shorts, ballet shoes, hats, ties and bedding. Coat linings are also often made from satin. Satin fabric is excellent for linen. It does not tangle hair when sleeping or create friction. It is a breathable fabric and is hypoallergenic.

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