About Bonbon Fabric

Bonbon fabric is both high fashion and versatile.  It makes the perfect fabric for maternity and evening wear. It is smooth, synthetic and 100% polyester Spandex. This fabric is both versatile and elegant which comes in over 20 different colours. Bonbon has taken over from traditional satin yet still has a timeless feel. You can find Bonbon is both our fabric shops in Cape Town and online.

Uses for Bonbon Fabric

Bonbon makes beautiful evening wear dresses or nightwear.  It is also perfect to use as maternity fabric.  Bonbon fabric stretches and it is lightweight making it comfortable to wear. It does not need ironing thus it is convenient and it keeps its shape.  This fabric is also ideal to use as an upholstery fabric.

Interior Decor using Bonbon

Because bonbon fabric is so versatile, you can use it as an upholstery fabric.  Recover lampshades, ottomans and even make scatter cushions.  We offer the following interior decorating services:

Custom-made Curtains


Made-to-measure Roman Blinds

Blinds and Shutters

Scatter cushions

Recovered lampshades

Blogs and Trends

We update our site with the latest blogs and trends.  You can check them out here  View our pins for free patterns and designs on Pinterest and on Facebook.

We have two fabric shops in Cape Town – Fish Hoek and Tokai.  Visit our shop or buy the latest fabric online.

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