Blockout Curtain Lining

Blockout curtain lining allows you to control the lighting in your space. It will provide 100% blockout when attached to your ready-made curtains.
Our stock includes the following:
  • The ever-popular pre-shrunk bull denim, natural and colours.
  • Rolls of biggie best fabric at lower than market-related prices.
  • Linen, muslin, cotton voile and wide width percale curtaining in various designs.
  • Voiles: plain, loopy, crushed and frosted curtain voiles.
The blockout curtains are wide in width and available in white and cream. Perfect for stand-alone ready-made curtains or used for backdrops to filter out sunlight. They maintain privacy as they prevent people from looking in whilst you still have a view.
Poly-silk Curtaining: We stock plain and printed poly-silk. This range of curtaining is popular because you can have the silk look without paying the price.
Embossed Brocade Curtaining usually comes in cream but we also have white designs. It is polyester-based so it washes well and is free of creases.

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