Quilting Cotton Fabrics

Quilting cotton fabric is 100% cotton, durable and machine washable.  Quilting cotton is a very beginner friendly fabric and easier to use than apparel cotton. Use this  fabric for dresses, tops & quilting.

Top tips when sewing with quilting cotton:

  1. Prewash quilting cottons and also give them a spin in the tumble dryer as they have a tendency to shrink.
  2. Avoid garments with sleeves as there is little stretch so setting in sleeves can be difficult.
  3. Add a lining or wear a slip underneath.
  • Quilting Fabric - Blue Floral

    Quilting Fabric Blue Floral

  • Quilting Fabric Blue Frenzy

    Quilting Fabric Blue Frenzy

  • Summer Floral - Quilting Fabric

    Quilting Fabric Summer Floral