No-Sew Fleece Poncho For Kids

Make a no-sew fleece poncho for a toddler! So cute and cozy for fall, it’s like a blanket for their shoulders! I’ll share this quick 10 minute project with an optional ruffle detail.


3/4 of a yard (70cm squared) of fleece will make 2 of these no-sew fleece ponchos. I didn’t need 2 so I used the scraps to make her a little scarf with the scraps.

Measure the length from one wrist, across the chest, and all the way to the other wrist. This will be the measurement for the square of fleece. I used a 27″x27″ square for this one.

If you’d like to keep this a no-sew project, you can stop right there, but I thought I’d add a little ruffle. I cut a strip of fleece twice as long as the square and stitched through the center, pulling the end strings to scrunch it. Then pinned it to the fabric, stretching and adjusting as I went.


There was extra on the ends so I just trimmed that part off.

Then I folded it in half diagonally and made the hole for her head. This little bowl is 4″ in diameter and was perfect. I just used it as my guide. You’ll just need a semi-circle shape on the fold.
Fleece is stretchy. It’s better to start small and make the hole bigger if you need to later. If you made the ruffle, you can just back stitch a few stitches to keep the ends from unraveling after cutting the hole for the head.
There are several ways to finish the bottom. You can just leave it or cut it with pinking shears, or create a fringe. I just trimmed 2″ up across the bottom to create a fringe. I didn’t tie the ends, just left them like fringe.
The meterage of fabric depends on age and size, this is for 3-4 years old.

Credit goes to Glue Stick Blog for this handy tutorial