Make a Mini Felt Mermaid


mini felt mermaid softie supplies

Print out the mini felt mermaid stuffie sewing pattern. There is a picture of the finished mermaid for guidance, and your child can color it to give them an idea of what they want their mermaid to look like.

print pattern and color design

Trace the mermaid shapes onto the paper backing of the double sided adhesive. I found the pencil worked best since I could trace well on the paper backing, but the iron would not smudge or lift the pencil.

Don’t trace the hair or water backgrounds onto the paper backing but cut it out.

trace pieces onto adhesive

Iron the shapes onto the felt in the colors you want. I like the cut the adhesive larger than the shapes, and then iron them onto the felt.

Cut out the felt using the shapes. The double sided adhesive will make sewing the shapes easier, but it also makes cutting the felt easier and more precise.

Cut out two pieces of felt for the background hair or water.

iron adhesive onto felt and cut shapes

Once all your pieces are cut out, start by adding some stitching to the hair or water background. I don’t have an example below, but this is the easiest time to add hair or water details. I did straight hair, zigzag hair, and wavy hair.

Place the mermaid tail pieces close to the bottom on the background that has stitching. Peel the paper backing off and iron them in place. Use a press cloth throughout the project to protect the felt from melting.

iron tail onto background

Peel the paper backing off of the arms, shirt, and head. Place these on the background and iron in place.

iron body, arms, and head onto background

Optional: add the crown and or the beard. Peel the paper backing off and iron in place.

iron on details like a beard or crown

Using a sewing machine or hand stitching, sew and secure the pieces onto the background. Add stitching details like stripes, scales, fins, etc. Switch up the colors of stitching as wanted.

stitch everything onto background

Place the front background piece onto the back background piece. Sew around but leave a 2 inch hole opening on one side.

sew background to back piece leave hole

Take a little bit of stuffing and fill the mermaid pillow. Don’t stuff too much, just enough to fill the rectangle.

add stuffing

Stitch the hole closed.

close hole

Make lots and lots of mermaids in lots of different colors!

mini felt mermaid softie and free pattern