Make an Easy DIY Faux Fur Cowl Scarf

We have found this very easy to make Cowl Scarf using cosy Faux Fur.  Stylish warm accessories are an essential winter item, especially when they’re so easy & cheap to make!


What you will need

  1. A metre of Faux Fur Fabric that is at least 150cm wide (makes two cowls)
  2. Sewing machine
  3. Needle
  4. Thread
  5. Ruler, pen, scissors


make an easy diy faux cowl scarf



  1. Ensure your fabric is cut straight. If not, use a ruler, pen and scissors to measure and cut the faux fur so that it’s a nice, straight rectangle. When cutting faux fur, I always try to cut only the backing and not the fur (it can get really messy otherwise)! Cut the fabric in half width-wise so that you have two pieces that are approximately 30″ x 18″. Sew a rectangle right sides together along the long edge as shown.
  2. Pull the cowl right-side-out, and then fold the bottom up over the top as pictured. You can keep the seams on the same side as I did (this creates a taller, more upright cowl), or you can twist the inside piece so that the seam is on the opposite side like you’d do for an infinity scarf (this creates a cowl that lies flatter).
  3. Sew the short sides together as shown, leaving a 4″ hole.
  4. Turn the scarf right side out and hand stitch the hole shut.


Doesn’t this DIY faux fur cowl look so cosy?

I think it’d be so pretty (and practical) for a family outing at Christmas time!


Thank you to the Author, Christina from The DIY Mommy for sharing this fantastic easy-to-follow tutorial