Crafting Heroes

Join our community of Global Fabrics and Interiors Crafting Heroes. Use your sewing and knitting skills to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. We have free knitting classes once a month to meet and knit.

Who are the Crafting Heroes?

Global Fabrics and Interiors founded Crafting Heroes in 2018. This group consists of members of the local Southern Suburbs communities. These are ordinary people like you and me who have a love for knitting, sewing and crafting. They use their hobby to help others. The main items donated are clothing, toys and blankets.

Charity Donations

At the beginning of the month, the chosen charity that we will support will be announced. We will then inform our Crafting Heroes as to what the organisation will need. The Crafting Heroes will then create the items that we will despatch.

As one of our Crafting Heroes, it is up to you to choose one or more of these items to make in your own time during the month.

You can drop off any items that you make at one of the Global Fabrics and Interiors branches (Tokai or Fish Hoek). They must be in a packet labelled with the following information:

The organisation that you are supporting

Your name

Your cell number

Your email address

Your Facebook address (if you have one)

The Global Fabrics team will take photographs of the drop-offs each month. We will do our best to send the pictures to you and/or tag you in on Facebook to show you where your items are going.

Thank you for your support.  Let’s make a difference!

How can you get involved?

You can either become a Crafting Hero or join our knitting and crochet classes. We will let you know who the organisation is and what items they need.

These charities generally ask us to provide the following items:

Ladies tops

Ladies skirts

Men’s pants

Men’s tops

Men’s skirts

Men’s pants

Children’s tops

Children’s pants

Children’s pyjamas

Ladies jerseys

Children’s jerseys



Handcrafted (knitted or sewn) toys for children



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