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As the most personal room in the home, your bedroom embodies your style. Whether the bedroom is starkly simple, richly ethnic, charmingly rustic or, eclectically original, it offers more scope for self-expression than any other room.
A bed is more than just a perfect mattress that fits your body. It’s the dominant feature that sets the tone of a bedroom. A bed has a presence.

The impact a headboard makes can set the tone for the feel and style you are after in your bedroom. Whether you are going for formal and elegant, retro opulence, or Art Deco, a diamond button or scalloped/shaped headboard can be a bold statement, providing comfort and appeal.

Style of Headboard

For visual interest, choosing a paneled or fluted headboard could be where you need to start. The panels could run in any direction, giving the illusion of space if they are horizontal, or the panels could be a mix of sizes and directions when you are pursuing a contemporary style, perhaps playing with geometric patterns in your scheme.

Choosing a Colour or Design

If you decide to go with a plain upholstered headboard, it doesn’t mean it has to be “safe”. Choosing a plain but bold colour could provide the anchor for the rest of the scheme, or choosing a striking patterned fabric will make it into the focal point at the center of your room.

Choosing your Fabric

When choosing a fabric to upholster your headboard and bed base with, the sky is the limit! We are focusing on velvet at the moment, as we have a beautiful range available in-store and online right now, that is very well priced. Not only that, there are so many excellent qualities about velvet that might entice you. Velvet upholstery fabric is very durable and strong, and it’s incredibly versatile, not only with your soft furnishings but also in many different styles. Whether art Deco or vintage French, Contemporary or Oriental, you don’t need to feel its off-limits because of style. Velvet is timeless and currently on-trend, so you can’t go wrong!

Quality & Affordability

Don’t think reupholstering or even manufacturing a headboard has to cost an arm and a leg! Here at Global, our prices are very competitive, priced to suit your budget, and our workmanship unmatched. We use only the highest grade in raw materials, taking no shortcuts in the quality we produce. You won’t be disappointed!

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