How to Create a Woven Basket Step by Step

make a woven tote bag


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Materials for woven basket |  Betsy Sewing
  1.  Outer fabric: a cotton fabric with some body is ideal for the stability of the basket. We think Shweshwe would be perfect.
  2. Interior fabric or lining: also a patchwork type cotton fabric is indicated, even if it is not as rigid as the exterior.
  3. Thermo-adhesive interlining: thicker than what we normally use for garments, its thickness is proportional to the stability it will give to our work. If we do not want a flimsy basket without presence, visit the fabric store!

STEP 1 Cutting and preparation

The dimensions that we are going to see in the tutorial are for a basket with a final size of 20 cm wide, 11 cm deep and 17 cm high. Depending on the rigidity of the chosen materials, we can dare with taller or less wide designs, as well as play with the length of the handles. Before venturing to cut into fabric, it is worth trying the chosen size with sheets of paper, to see if it convinces us.

  1. Cut the necessary pieces for the body of the basket: 2 rectangles 34 cm wide and 25 cm high in outer fabric, inner fabric and heat-adhesive interlining.
  2. Cut the handles: 2 rectangles 10 cm wide and 26 cm high in outer fabric.
  3. Be careful with the position of the cut in directional prints!
Cut pieces for tissue basket |  Betsy Sewing
  1. Place the heat-adhesive interfacing on the inside of the outer parts of the basket.

It is always advisable to use a cloth to avoid adhesive transfers to the iron or board. In my case, for the pieces to be well welded, it was necessary to apply steam for a long time, exposing my skin to an unappetizing extra moisture. Next time I won’t forget to open a window!

Apply heat-adhesive interfacing to outer fabric of fabric basket |  Betsy Sewing
  1. If you work with patterns, it is advisable to write “up” on the inside of the outer parts of the basket (above the interfacing) to work more relaxed.
Marking the top of each piece |  Betsy Sewing

STEP 2 Prepare the handles

  1. Fold each handle piece in half with the wrong sides facing and mark with the iron (without pressing too much).
Iron each handle in half |  Betsy Sewing
  1. Unfold the piece (we will have the center marked).
  2. Fold each of the two sides to the center without the ends reaching the center line.
  3. Iron the folded sides to seat.
Pre-fold each handle of the tissue basket |  Betsy Sewing
  1. Fold in half, so that the previously folded sides meet.
  2. Iron with vitality to leave the piece of the handle very compact.
Iron-on each handle of the tissue basket |  Betsy Sewing
  1. Sew on the side of the folds with a straight stitch about 3 mm from the edge.
Sew on the fold side of the handle |  Betsy Sewing

STEP 3 Sew the body of the basket

  1. Face the two outer fabric pieces of the basket.
  2. Sew a straight stitch on the sides and bottom 0.7 cm from the edge.
Sew the outer part of the tissue basket |  Betsy Sewing
  1. Face the two pieces of fabric inside the basket.
  2. Sew a straight side stitch 0.7 cm from the edge.
  3. At the bottom, leave an opening of about 10 cm in the center, stitching in the back on each side.
Sew the inner part of the tissue basket |  Betsy Sewing
  1. Mark the base on both the outer and inner fabric piece. To do this, we will draw a square 6 cm high and 6 cm wide from the edge of the fabric.
Mark the base on each piece |  Betsy Sewing
  1. Cut the squares along the line.
Cut the excess of each piece at the base |  Betsy Sewing

STEP 4 Sew the base

  1. Join the base of the outer part on one side and the inner part on the other.
  2. Face the base lines and use the seam alignment as a guide.


Join the edges of the base |  Betsy Sewing
  1. Sew with a backstitch 0.5 cm from the edge, securing at the beginning and end.
Sew the sides of the base |  Betsy Sewing
  1. Turn the outer piece from the right side, carefully removing (scissors away) the corners.
Turn the weaving basket from the right |  Betsy Sewing

STEP 5 Add the handles

  1. Pin the ends of the handles on the outside 5 cm apart.
Attaching handles to the weaving basket with pins |  Betsy Sewing
  1. Place the inner part of the basket facing, making the sides coincide.
  2. Pin the top.
  3. At this point, the handles are trapped between the outside and inside, like a sandwich.
Place the interior piece facing the rights |  Betsy Sewing
  1. Sew the upper part of the basket with a straight stitch 0.7 cm from the edge.

Since this is a seam that starts and ends at the same point, it will be helpful to use the free arm function of the sewing machine.

Sew across the top of the basket |  Betsy Sewing
  1. Through the opening that we leave on the inside (lining of polka dots) we will return the basket from the right.
Pull the outer part out through the groove on the inner part |  Betsy Sewing

STEP 6 Final backtack

  1. Stretch the basket in its entirety.
  2. Pass a small backstitch through the right of the opening on the inside, securing at the beginning and end.
Right weaving basket |  Betsy Sewing
  1. With the iron, seat the upper part of the basket, making sure that the inner fabric remains in place.
Iron the upper edge of the fabric basket |  Betsy Sewing
  1. Backstitch the top edge to secure.
Stitch the top edge of the fabric basket |  Betsy Sewing

And we already have our little basket ready to house our favorite sewing tools, cosmetics, underwear or seasonal jewelery. Needless to say, it is ideal to complement a special gift or decorate a corner in the beach house.

Woven basket