Bring the tropical prints trend to life in your home

Tropical print

The tropical prints trend has taken the interior decorating world by storm! Shops all over South Africa have embraced this fun flavour. So how do you introduce this funky trend into your home?

As you know, Global Fabrics and Interiors is a one stop fabric and textile shop, offering dress fabrics, upholstery fabrics, curtaining, wool and haberdashery items. We have everything you need to create a trendy home. Let us bring that tropical flavour into your favourite rooms through the range of vibrant fabrics we have on offer.

The first hint of tropical was born in the Beverly Hills Hotel in 1942. Banana leaf wallpaper known as Martinique wallpaper began the unique trend.

Weaving tropical into your lounge starts your tropical journey. Why not reupholster your couch with a leafy print bought at our store to look in the theme? Place Delicious Monster leaves in a vase on your coffee table. Pop Scatter cushions covered in crisp prints on your chairs and compliment the look with curtains in a stone white or with hints of coral.

Your bedroom is an oasis of simple colour – envision a headboard in delicious monster or leafy print with a papaya coloured throw on your bed and white linen bed sheets to complete the look. Bedside tables of a dark wood would be fitting.

A kitchen is a place of creating delicious meals. Bring the tropical trend to life with a bowl of tropical fruit on display and a fruity print tablecloth.

The bathroom can also have a big green plant in place. Try an earthy coloured blind too.

The tropical print trend is a lovely addition to any on-point, trendy, fashionable home. They say tropical greens and fruity prints and colours make you feel refreshed and ready to take on the world! Browse Global Fabrics online or walk into our store to take a look at what’s on offer.